Support us

We are a voluntary organisation and have no paid staff. Any money we raise from subscriptions is used to cover our small administration costs and to support our campaigning work.

We are also sometimes able to give small grants towards local campaigns within Camden, for example, one undertaken by a Residents’ Association.

All our members will receive a digital copy of our Newsletters and other communications by e-mail. Members who pay a subscription will in addition receive a printed copy of our Newsletters (we aim to publish two to three a year) and will be considered to be patrons of the Camden Civic Society.

All members will also be invited to all our events: in addition to an annual AGM, these include an annual garden party, occasional talks, and guided walks around localities within Camden associated with current campaigns.

Even if you feel unable to join in these activities, you would be very welcome as a member. Our campaigning will be more effective if we can show we have a good number of members behind us.

If you just wish to receive e-mail communications from us and do not want to become a member, click on the box labelled “Subscribe to our newsletter mailing list”, type in your e-mail address and click.